South Bound Lecture Series

Maury Nicely

Thurs. Aug. 22, 2019
6:00 p.m.
Arts Building
Tickets $10
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About the Author

Maury Nicely is well known as a local attorney with Evans, Harrison, and Hackett and for having a passion for Chattanooga history.  His first book, Chattanooga Walking Tour & Historic Guide, is a guidebook to the downtown Chattanooga area and the historical facts of many forgotten sites..  Maury has recently published a historical, non-fiction book, Hoffa in Tennessee through University of Tennessee Press about the Jimmy Hoffa trial which took place in Chattanooga in 1964.  Maury graduated from Vanderbilt University and University of Georgia School of Law.  Originally from Chattanooga, Maury lives with his wife Jennifer and their sons Charles and William.  

About the Book

Jimmy Hoffa, acquitted in a Nashville court during the Test Fleet case, was under investigation for jury tampering and subsequently tried and convicted in Chattanooga after a judge in Nashville granted a change of venue. Nicely explores Hoffa's time in Tennessee, the major players in the case, and the development of Bobby Kennedy, then chief counsel of the Senate's McClellan Committee, as Hoffa's main antagonist. All the while, Hoffa's continued legal troubles created a high amount of tension between the Teamsters, management, and members of organized crime. While many books overlook this important tipping point in Hoffa's career, tending to focus on his disappearance, Nicely mines court transcripts and presents the Tennessee trials as both the height of Hoffa's perceived invincibility and the beginning of his downfall"


As Nicely shows in vivid detail, Hoffa’s Chattanooga trial became the story of a lone, embattled judge struggling mightily to control a legal proceeding that teetered on the edge of bedlam, threatening to spin out of control. In the end, Hoffa was convicted-an extraordinary change of fortune that presaged his downfall and mysterious disappearance a decade later.

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