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based on the book by Judy Blume

September 29, 2020  | 9:30 & 11:30 AM

Abba's House


Since 1989, our Theatre Express program has been a mainstay field trip experience for Hamilton Co. elementary schools. In collaboration with Arts Build's Imagine! series, Theatre Express continues to enrich literary arts education by providing professional quality childrens' theater for free to all Hamilton Co. fourth-graders. All other elementary grades are encouraged to enjoy the experience at a discounted rate. These productions are held at the Kirk Walker Theatre in Memorial Auditorium, guaranteeing a memorable experience for the kids. Each classroom is given in-depth study guides and theatre etiquette guidelines that weave the theater arts experience into the classroom. Productions tie to the school curriculum and help our public and home school teachers meet standard benchmarks in core subjects and more.




For eighteen years, the annual Young Southern Student Writers contest has nurtured reading and writing skills in our student community. Students in grades K-12, in public and private schools, enter original works in prose and poetry to be judged by the English Department of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Each year, the reviewers see between 4,000-5,000 submissions that are often hilarious, poignant, and witty, but always remarkable. The contest this year will culminate in a festive awards ceremony on April 14th at the Baylor Chapel for hundreds of young writers and their families.




We're bringing the the impact of literature to arts-deprived populations such as incarcerated men and women. These reading groups allow the participants to escape the monotony and sensory desert of imprisonment. As the only educational program offered, the discussion groups also prepare them for reentering the outside. The reading groups are stewarded by So Lit and coordinated by Dr. Victoria Bryan, a professor at Cleveland State, and her colleagues Andréana Lofton, Kris Whorton and Haven Wright.


An excerpt from the Turn the Page mission statement reads:


"We exercise our minds by discussing various aspects of life on the outside and life on the inside and relate our experiences to the things we read. We discuss things that people in the free world should know about jail and prison, and we use what we read to make ourselves more compassionate, more thoughtful, and more prepared for the challenges of the world, and in doing so, we become closer as a group–as one."




Beat the heat with MANIFEST Voices, a FREE summer poetry workshop for teens, led by talented spoken word poet Christian Collier! Mr. Collier guides the nine-week poetry program for ten teenagers in the Arts Building. MANIFEST Voices emphasizes both writing and performance, and culminates in a celebratory slam poetry night for families of participants and the community. The program is designed to teach teens the basics of craft and how to develop a distinct poetic voice. MANIFEST Voices offers a fun, welcoming space for individual creative expression. Applications are open to all teens in the Chattanooga area. Click below for more information about the 2020 program!


Revitalibrary @ Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute


Access to up-to-date library and information resources presents an opportunity for patients with mental health diagnosis to learn and maintain healthy habits and practical life skills. In the summer of 2016, we began the process of cleaning and removing outdated resources from the library. This room now has the potential to be an epicenter of creativity and connection for the residents of MBMHI. You can join us in gathering new materials to continue the growth of this library by saving your old books to donate!