© Rock Creek Aviation I am driving down the mountain now, and as the road winds down to the left the city below, the river valley, and the farther mountains- dark lovely green- are all laid out before me. My heart beats faster. I am closer… I swing right and now the highway runs above and through the heart of the city, soaring modern plate-glass and antebellum refined. I love Southern cities. I especially love this city, because he is here. I finally exit, turning left, passing beneath the underpass, left again into an industrial area, incongruously peppered with joggers and cyclists. So close… I turn left again, and catch my daughter’s gaze…calm deep-set eyes in her lovely face benevolentl

Revitalibrary Phase One: The Purge

At Southern Lit Alliance, we’re dedicated to stories. We believe that great stories live here and do our best to reach out into the community, to find these stories, and to make them. Our Revitalibrary Project @ Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute became a much larger avenue for this than we could have ever expected! Phase One, the “purge” as we so lovingly called it, was all about making room for the new. We cleaned the space out, donated all the old, outdated, and worn books that weren’t any help for the patients, and organized what we could. Our volunteer turnout was above and beyond our goal, each person tireless in their work. There were teenagers willing to climb wobbling chairs to r

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