Meet Ann Johnson: Director of Operations Extraordinaire!

Anyone who has spent anytime around So Lit in the past 7 years has probably run into Ann Johnson. Ann is the Director of Operations, which entails everything from database maintenance to addressing envelopes! Ann keeps this place running, and we are so grateful for her hard work, dedication, and skill. Ann is a New Hampshire native, but she and her husband Kurt relocated to Chattanooga in 2010. When asked about how she got started working with So Lit, Ann says, “I needed to find a job. There was an ad in the paper, and here I still am! Do they even post jobs in the paper anymore?” After 7 years, Ann has seen So Lit change and grow. In the recent past, So Lit has moved into the Arts Building


Southern Lit Alliance loves its volunteers! Jessica York is So Lit’s newest UTC intern, and she has been helping out with everything from writing to database entry and everything in between! Majoring in psychology with a minor in creative writing, Jessica brings a unique perspective and energy to the So Lit team. Like the rest of us, Jessica is passionate about arts education. She recalls, “Arts education was my favorite part of school growing up. It's the education that teaches you the most about yourself and the others around you.” Jessica is doing her part to ensure that arts education continues in Chattanooga! Not only is she excited about arts education, but Jessica also has an interest

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