Book Review: Skandalon

The first thing that struck me about Skandalon, T.R. Hummer’s latest collection of poetry, was the title. I mean, what on earth is a skandalon? So, as with most things in life, I turned to Google for the answer, and as it turns out, the Oxford English Dictionary defines “skandalon” as both a “snare for an enemy” and a “cause of moral stumbling.” It comes from the Koine Greek, occurs fifteen times in the New Testament, and is the origin of the modern word “scandal.” At the time, this newfound knowledge did little to inform my understanding of the collection, but upon finishing Skandalon, the title makes a strange kind of sense. Ultimately, Hummer’s Skandalon is all of the things that the OED

"Dear Loneliness" by Beth Day

DEAR LONELINESS You are the cold hand on the back of my neck the pulsing breath chained to my heart on days when the world grinds on my mind and I feel the ground tug too hard on my toes you are the voice beating in children's ears telling them to cut into their own wrists the scarlet milk running Down their palms painting their fingers with a deep color. when civilization feels nothing is left but darkness They turn to you. you can bring death and damnation, sadness and pain. you can bring nothing. nothing. or you can bring healing. time away with a good book snuggled between the covers warm and content. a walk with nature consumed with the smell of pine needles and daisies. time well spent

Book Review: Land of Enchantment

Art has the ability to transform us. Anyone who has ever watched a thought-provoking film, heard a moving piece of music, or read a particularly good book can tell you that. Art also has a strange way of bringing people together. Think about what happens when you meet someone who likes the same movie or band as you: likely, you feel an instant spark of connection with that person, even if you know nothing else about them. Liza Wieland, winner of the Robert Penn Warren award and a guest writer at this year’s SouthWord on November 3 and 4, explores these aspects of art and many more in her latest novel Land of Enchantment, an emotional and complex work perfect for anyone interested in art and

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